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Gobindgarh Fort offers you the perfect platform to reach out to over 3 million segmented audience, including young adults, corporates, school kids, teenagers, families and grown-ups. It is a historical monument with many attractions like 7 D show, sound and light show. It attracts tourists from all over India with lot of visitors coming from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, New Delhi, Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Goa & other states of India, as well as international geographies like US, UK, Canada, Japan. Each guest, on an average, spends more than 2- 4 hours at our destination. With a variety of opportunities and 2-4 hours of captive audience, you are sure to engage and capture their mindshare. Numbers of options are available through which you can reach mass audience

* You can advertise with us on our huge 7d show’s screen with size is 19’9”X 12’5”. Everyday min 12 shows are conducted on the screen & numbers of eyeball captures in a year are around 6, 00,000 that gives you an opportunity to reach huge audience.
* Panel Space is also available to advertise your Advertisement.
* Attractive Canopies & Desk can also be put up inside the Fort for the excellent promotion of your product.

For more details call us on 0183-5217666 or +91-9899217144