Best Places to treat your taste-buds in Amritsar

Amritsar lies in the heart of Punjab, and its delicacies on taste buds of its visitors!

Rightly famous as ‘the food capital of Punjab’, the city has some of the most scrumptious and mouth-watering food to offer. From paneer affairs with the tastiest Indian breads to the grilled chicken back on the coal, the city has something for everyone, every taste, and every mood. To let your taste-buds discover the most incredible culinary experience, we have mentioned some of the best places to eat in Amritsar. Here we go-

ZaikaGali, (Gobindgarh Fort)

Whether you like to sit under a canopy, inside air-conditioned comfort, or around a bonfire setting in the winters, ZaikaGali has it all. This restaurant inside Gobindgarh Fort is a path to discover the authentic flavours of Punjab. This place is famous for its lip-smacking chats including Gol-Gappe, Tikki, Kulfi, Kulchas, etc. Plus, there are many food varieties for those who prefer food other than Punjabi.

Places to eat in Amritsar

AmbarsariZaika (Gobindgarh Fort)

This food paradise, again from Gobindgarh Fort, is the place that will make you realize why Amritsar is called ‘the food capital of Punjab’. Get ready to tantalize your palate with a fantastic variety of appetizing food- all you need after an adventurous day-out at the fort.

Guru Ka Langar

Amritsar is the place of the holiest Sikh pilgrim- The Golden temple. We strongly suggest you to not only visit the temple to admire its surreal beauty but to savour its delish Langar as well. It is a community feast prepared within the temple premises, being served to around or more than 40,000 people daily. The devotion of service to the community is absolutely commendable.

Haveli- Amritsar

You just cannot leave Amritsar without savouring the flavoursome food varieties at this beautiful restaurant. When it comes to classy ambience combined with a myriad range of Punjabi and other cuisines, these guys are the benchmark. The great thing about this place is the food setting it has created for the visitors. It gives you the look and feel of a typical Punjab’s ‘pind’ (village) right when you enter and a sophisticated atmosphere when you head inside the food area.

These were some of the best food places in Amritsar that will let you taste the most delicious gastronome. Visit Amritsar and explore its essence through adventures, fun, and food. To have it all inside one roof, you can visit Gobindgarh Fort. It has a complete package of an exciting getaway for both friends and family.

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