Enjoy A Blissful History Insight At Gobindgarh Fort, Amritsar

Taking a closer look at the history and past events is always mesmerizing. Gobindgarh Fort is one such place in Amritsar that lets you scrutinize the brave history of Punjab. And with this, we do not mean to run your eyes over the artistry of fort and take a walking tour around it! Gobindgarh Fort let visitors take an insight of the history in the most fascinating way. This fort in Amritsar undoubtedly has an exquisite architecture, but that is not the end. Here are some history based entertainment that you can enjoy inside the fort-

7D Show

7D Show in Amritsar

Sher-e-Punjab is a 7D show projected inside the Fort. The show narrates the bravery of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in a 7 dimensional setting. This means, you do not just watch the video, but in fact, live in the moment. The show is aimed to make guests aware about the fearless Maharaja, who once ruled Gobindgarh fort with his matchless zeal and fortitude. The video depicts real heroism of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and his contribution towards preserving the dignity of Sikhism.

Warfare Museum

  Museum in Amritsar

The war museum inside Gobindgarh fort is a short historic tour of the time when Maharaja Ranjit Singh fought many battle with the brave soldiers of Punjab. This museum will let you explore some rare instruments of war from the old times. You will get to see the replica of the Maharaja’s personal sword, his very own war attire, weapons, accessories, and much more…. Very different from how we go to war today!



Toshakhana is a place where secret treasures of Maharaja Ranjit Singh had been stowed since the time he ruled Amritsar. You can still find the hidden treasure of Maharaja in Toshakhana that includes minted copper and silver coins, accessories, etc.

 Whispering Walls

 Whispering Walls show

 Whispering walls is a projection mapping show that introduces you to the story of Gobindgarh against the backdrop of Colonial Bungalow. It is projected on the wall that is 100 ft. X 50 ft. along with an amazing multimedia sound and light show. It is a beautiful experience highly recommended to all the visitors.

Apart from this, Gobindgarh Fort has lot of other interesting things to keep the guests entertained, such as a 7D show, fun rides, folk dances, delicious food, haat bazaar, etc.

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