Explore Artistry Treasure of Punjab at Gobindgarh Fort’s Haat Bazaar

Gobindgarh Fort- the restoration of heritage in Amritsar, is a popular tourist attraction. The fort treasures a rich history of Punjab and its brave warriors that still reverberates silently through its walls. The wonders and amusements of Gobindgarh Fort do not  just end here. Apart from being a mesmerizing historic spot, the monument also has a myriad of fun activities, hi-tech shows, food varieties, rides, etc. to keep the visitors enthralled.

What more?

The fort lets the visitors explore and buy the authentic Punjab handicrafts at affordable prices. ‘Haat Bazaar’ inside the fort is a perfect escape for the shoppers, with local artisans showcasing their work in different forms of art pieces. Here are a few examples of craftsmanship you are going to witness inside the shopping street of the fort.



Phulkari is a traditional embroidery technique of Punjab, which means ‘flower work’. You can find various items adorned with this beautiful thread work, including head scarfs, dupatta, shawls, pillow covers, and pen stands. So, if you are looking for the right place for phulkari shopping in Amritsar, then Gobindgarh is where you need to head.


Juttis with delicate handwork is famous footwear in Punjab. These graceful juttis are crafted with real silver and gold threads and are a hot selling item in Haat Bazaar. A lovely pair of these juttis would be a wonderful addition to your footwear collection. Team them up with a traditional Punjabi dress and watch yourself making head turns on the streets.



 Dabbi Bazaar showcases exquisite wood artistry through wonderful wooden art-pieces. The local artisans bring out the uniqueness of each wooden item with their outstanding skills. These wooden handicrafts are a wonderful way to add beauty to your house.


If you want to see the most graceful version of yourself, try some Punjabi jewellery pieces available at Haat Bazaar. Punjabi jewellery is not only famous for its variety, but also for its fine aesthetics. This place has a virtually endless variety of traditional ornaments for women.



The famous Chamba rumaal (Hankies) are created with a unique pattern, which is identical on both sides of the fabric. Alongside, the bazaar sells cast metalwork- an ancient artistry tradition, coming down from the Bronze Age. You can also find Chamba shawls if you are visiting Gobindgarh Fort, Amritsar in the winters.

Made with love, every purchase from Haat Bazaar of Gobindgarh Fort showcases the genuine Punjabi craftsmanship. No matter what your ethnic fix is, if you love handicrafts and artistic pieces, then Gobindgarh Fort is the place for you. Enjoy!

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