Explore the History of Gobindgarh Fort

Gobindgarh Fort has become a popular cultural and entertainment hub in Amritsar. The activities, food escapes, hi-tech shows, and other attractions inside the fort is highly appreciable among travellers. Not just this, the fort is also a foremost option in Punjab among history explorers and architecture admirers. While the fort has now become a have-it-all outing space for the local visitors as well as tourists, there are so many historical mysteries as well that are stowed in and around the fort. Discovering Gobindgarh Fort’s history is one fantastic way to make your outing even more cherishing.
So, before you plan a fun-filled escape to this outstanding historic monument, here’s a short insight of its history-

About the Fort

Known as the very symbol of Punjab, Gobindgarh Fort marks the time when Punjab was forged. Sprawling to 43 acres and being located at the heart of Amritsar city, this magnificent heritage site has a glorious history dating back to 18th century- right from the era of Bhangi Misl to Maharaja Ranjit Singh and British East India Company to The Indian Army and till now when it is finally opened for the public.
The Fort has gained extreme popularity in a very short time. The significance it carries in Amritsar’s history is simply commendable. You can discover the grand stories of the past with the help of Gobindgarh Fort Museum, Sher-e-Punjab 7D show, whispering walls, warfare museum, and sikkhi art museum inside the monument.

Rough Overview of the Fort’s History

The fort was built by Gujar Singh Bhangi in the 1760s and was previously known as Bhangian da Qilla. Till 1809, it was ruled by the clans called Misls. In 1802, on the request of Amritsar’s citizens’ to save the city from Bhangi Misl, Maharaja Ranjit Singh attacked the city and took over the fort along with the big ZamZama cannon. The Bhangies could not hold up against Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s huge force and hence lost the rule over Amritsar to him.
The maharaja ruled the fort successfully for forty years. After the second Anglo-Sikh War in 1849, the fort was captured by the British. The fort was then garrisoned by the Indian Army after independence in 1947. Since the fort was always a military preserve, it was inaccessible for the common people to enter inside it.
Finally, after recognizing the significance of this heritage site, the Indian government made it possible for the common people to visit the fort and indulge in a fun and history tour. To relive the history and get involved in sheer fun, visit Gobindgarh Fort today.

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