Explore the Treasure of History at Gobindgarh Fort’s Museums

Gobindgarh Fort is a popular tourist destination in Amritsar. Its incredible charm attracts pilgrims from around the world. While the monument has a lot of options when it comes to entertainment and fun, it also allows the visitors to indulge in the rich history of Punjab and its brave warriors. If you are a history lover, then the fort has a lot of treats to offer. Here is a list of museums inside the Gobindgarh Fort which will take you down the memory lane.


Toshakhana Museum is a treasure secret of the fort where Maharaja Ranjit Singh kept his precious gems, jewels, and wealth. You can still find the minted silver and copper coins on the walls of Toshakhana.. Also, the world-famous Kohinoor diamond was stored at this secret treasure room by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. You can still find the replica of the diamond kept cautiously in this room.

Warfare Museum

Punjab has witnessed a lot of wars and this museum will give you an insight into that time. The museum has statues of the brave fighters and patriots who showed their unmatched courageousness to fight for the pride of the nation and state. The museum also has real & some replicas of equipment and accessories used by the armed forces and Maharaja Ranjit Singh at that time. There is also a replica of the Maharaja’s sword which attracts the attention of the visitors a lot.

Sikhi Art Museum

This museum is a fantastic escape for art lovers. Here, you will witness the amazing artistry of the artists through paintings. Each of the paintings available at the museum is a brilliant art piece that reflects the history of the state in a mesmerizing way. You are surely going to be enthralled by exploring the artistry of the Sikhi Art Museum.

Pagdi Museum

Pagdi (turban) museum depicts an interesting variety of Pagdis both of Sikh and Non-Sikh origin. Info-boards available at the museum let you know about the amazing fact on the evolution of Pagdis. Not just that, but you can also try these turbans and get clicked looking like the locals.
Alongside the museums, the fort’s architectural beauty is another amazing thing you would witness. Guests never leave the fort without having an urge to visiting again. Check out the fort and show timing, and book your visit today.

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