Gobindgarh Fort – An ideal hangout place for Kids!

Amritsar, the food capital of Punjab is blessed with the beauty of unspoiled nature and rich culture. The land where spirituality and commercialization go hand in hand, can leave you enthralled regardless of what you witness. While there are many adventures kept for the travellers, there is no short of hangout places for children. One such place in Amritsar which is popular among schools and families for their kids is The Gobindgarh Fort.

Wait, not just the Fort! It is a very symbol of Punjab that narrates its history in various fascinating ways. Simply put, an historical tour combined with thrilling activities to take the children on a never ending hoop of fun. Here are a few interesting things that the fort has to offer –

7D Show

Gobindgarh Fort celebrates the bravery of Maharaja Ranjit Singh with its most compelling 7D show in Amritsar. It is never seen format in Punjab that takes you back to the 19th century in a mesmerizing way. The show introduces children to the time Maharaja united various Clans and laid foundation of the powerful empire of Punjab. The show is directed by the internationally renowned film director, Mr. Ketan Mehta, and its projection can leave you enchanted like anything.

Whispering Walls

Whispering walls is another impressive multimedia show inside the fort that showcases the glory of Gobindgarh against the backdrop of a Colonial Bungalow, which is a 100 ft. x 50 ft. wall. The impeccable laser light, multi-media sound, projection mapping technologies, and computer animation makes the whole show out of the ordinary. Just sit on the historic open lawns of the fort, immerse yourself in the legend of Gobindgarh Fort, and enjoy a gorgeous evening in Amritsar.

VR Shows

Along with 7D show and Whispering Walls, virtual reality show is another popular activity among children.  It lets them enjoy interesting virtual reality rides and add to the fun time they have at the fort.

Fun Activities

Apart from the hi-tech entertainment, the fort has a myriad of fun activities to keep the kids engaged and enthralled. Some of the activities available at the fort are horse ride, camel ride, quad biking, bicycle ride, etc.

When you bring your little ones to this entertainment hub, an unmatched level of fun and adventure is guaranteed. Visit The Gobindgarh Fort with your children and give them

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