Watch Enthralling Performances LIVE at Gobindgarh Fort

Spending money on experiences rather than things is always great, and for many people that means attending more live performances. There is something very intoxicating and exciting about going to a live show and watching entertainers bringing fun to life.

Gobindgarh Fort is one such place that lets enthusiast travellers witness various Punjabi cultural activities and thrilling acts being performed live. The excitement and energy you are going to find at Gobindgarh Fort’s live shows are completely magical and something you can never quite get used to. Here are a few performances that you can see live at the fort-


As the ‘Dhol’ starts making some peppy beats, and the performers begin with their groovy Bhangra moves, the audience starts tapping their hearts loud right away. The trills of the moment have the footloose audience matching their steps with the entertainers while feeling the Punjabi vibe. There are a few dances that leave one with the utmost zest and enthusiasm. Bhangra is certainly one of them!


In case you needed something hair-raising and electrifying, here is Gobindgarh with another thrilling act ‘Gatka’. The troupers performing this act are veterans and know how you make the audience go ‘wow’. Nothing can compare the moment when the entertainers start their act with swords and amaze the audience with a spectacular performance.



The vivacious dancers at Gobindgarh Fort know how to make the moment full of liveliness and fun. Their grace and energy combined is a true treat to the eyes. And, their enthusiasm is enough to compel everyone to start shaking their legs with the beats. This folk dance in Amritsar is extremely popular and can be seen getting performed on various occasions.


Hold your breath and let your heart skip a beat with the heroic execution of the fire act. The out of the ordinary fire act skills of the troupers will make you wonder and get astonished with this mesmerizing piece of act.

So, whether you want to enjoy Punjabi Bhangra show in Amritsar or enthralling fire act, Gobindgarh Fort is the place to visit. Alongside, you can witness many other performances including juggling shows, stunts, etc. at the fort. Plan your trip to Amritsar’s most happening cultural hub today!

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