Qila Gobingarh MICE

MEETINGS: – Believing that freshness inspires creativity and focus and the routine clogs the mind, Gobindgarh Fort has curated very interesting meeting and conference spaces- regular enclosed corporate meeting room-but new spaces with special set up screens, podium, mikes for presentations and conference amenities– there are not only amazing outdoor and indoor spaces but also very inspiring terraces that many corporates are now opting for. A fresh environment to open up the mind!

INCENTIVES: – We at Qila Gobindgarh offer the perfect, incomparable “wow” factor for incentive travel- with world class high-tech cultural shows – topped off with Punjab’s rich performing art forms. At sunset a grand procession emerges with musicians, dancers in traditional costumes performing a vibrant montage of Punjab cultural experience with some death defying feats from the incredible martial arts form called Gatka. Also the energetic Bhangra and the vibrant Gidda – will both charm and amaze your guests. And as the night falls, the fort illuminated with the dazzling lights, creating a perfect setting for your sumptuous, specially curated dinner.

CONFERENCES: – With our state of the art lighting and sound systems, numerous conferences have taken place here of very prestigious organizations. The Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) – whose world office is in USA – had their networking meet here as did ICICI Bank ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company. Under the chairmanship of Mr. Jamshyd N Godrej, Ananta had its “Ideas India 2018” meet at the fort, attended by the who-is-who. Gobindgarh Fort was the venue of the choice for the World Heritage Cuisine Summit & Food Festival, where chefs from 44 countries participated- as it was for Ficci Flo Women Entrepreneur’s Organization; Milton Group, INSC, the Jagran Food Festival; Amritsar Marathon amongst others.

EVENTS: – Corporate Events, Exhibitions, Celebrations- Gobindgarh fort is a perfect venue to add the extra excitement into your event-When you want something, extraordinary, something that requires a superb setting ,something that you will remember for years to come… your search ends here. Come to the fort our golf cart will transport you and your guests to inner courtyard of the fort where you have multiple venues to choose from.

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