Celebrate your special days like the Royals, at Gobindgarh Fort



You have a very special day- whether it is a corporate meet or conference, exhibition or any other ceremony or occasion that you need to celebrate.
You want to exhibit heritage in any photo shoot of special occasions...
When you want something that is not run of the mill a special day you want to remember forever, an exhibition that needs a superb setting- a conference you want to impress your associates with… your search ends here.

Celebrate the day like the royals did.

We have golf carts to transport you and your guests to the venue from the gate

The Venues

You can opt for the beautiful terraces…the lush lawns with the Colonial bungalows or the lawn Keeler gate as the backdrop …. Or even a Royal hall like Ambience…There are multiple Venues to choose from.


We have a set of top end designers who can help to personalize the theme you have in mind. If you want the red carpet treatment you can expect it from them and if a pristine white evening is your mood, they can create that for you too.


Specially curated foods by the master chefs. Choose from the mouth-watering menus which can create sumptuous meals to impress you and your guests. You can have a grand sit down meal or a Royal buffet. Entrees, Mains and Desserts, they can whip up all your dreams on a platter.
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