Haat Bazaar



There is a beautiful Haat Bazaar selling traditional handicrafts of extended Punjab at the fort. The handicrafts of all the states where the Maharaja at one time reigned.

There are several shops to choose from with the choicest of items! Take mementoes for your family and friends.


Tilpatra: the shop with all things famous of Punjab-


Phulkari or the embroidery technique from Punjab literally means “flower work”. odinies (head scarfs), Dupatta and shawls, pillow covers and pen stands …all are made with this colorful form

Tiledar Juttis

Tiledar Juttis - or footwear traditionally crafted for the royalty with real silver and gold threads, this lovely footwear is a hot selling item. The interesting fact about jutties is that they have no left foot or right foot distinction and simply take the shape of the foot!


Pidies- or stools- continue to remain in vogue due to their lovely designs - where the craftsmen use colorful threads to give the stools a unique happy look. Merely 6 to 7 inches in height, the "pidhis" industry is flourishing in the districts of kartarpur

Sarkanda Baskets

Sarkanda Baskets- we have some captivating things of this amazing weaving technique made with threads and dries grass - buy yourself a vibrant Pitari or bowl.


An acronym of Punjab Thathera Art Legacy, is the amazing hand crafted traditional brass metal work of the of thatheras of Jandiala Guru. Their work has been contemporized into an exciting range of tea sets, dinner sets, and other decorative and utility objects.


Named after the famed wood bazaars of old, here each wooden artifacts is handcrafted to bring out its uniqueness


The jewelry store
Punjabi jewelry is known not only for its variety but also for its aesthetics. The variety of traditional ornaments used by women is virtually endless.


Amritsar besides being the “spiritual capital” of Punjab is also the “food capital” of the state. One such “perennial” delicacy of Amritsar is the famous Papad-wadiyan (dried lentil balls) and as are the famous dried fruit, “aampapad” (sheets of spicy dried mango pulp) and achars (pickles).

The Haat also has the incredible handicrafts from the states of



The Haat also has the incredible handicrafts from the states of  Kashmir




The renowned MIR handicrafts are got especially for you- Kashmir’s famous papier-mâché vases, bowls, boxes, trays, bases of lamps etc along with Scarves and numerous other objects.


RAAVI KINARE : hand-crafted with love from chamba are the famous chamba rumaal ( Hankies) created in a distinct pattern that is identical on both faces of the fabric. Besides this we have Cast metal work – a tradition coming down from the Bronze age period. In winter we keep the ever popular Chamba Shawls as well - another iconic handicraft from the Himalayan region.

Vesh : The Picture Corner

When in Punjab, Dress like Punjabi's. The lively and colorful mindset and culture of Punjab show in its vibrant clothing. Try these colorful Punjabi dresses and get photographed. Become a Punjabi “Gabru” and “Mutiyaar” and save the beautiful memories with your loved ones.

Khirdaa Punjab

Khirda Punjab represents the spirit of “Today”- with its strong roots very much in Punjab and this wonderful land of five rivers. The famous brand Urban Theka has created lively wall plates and artifacts inspired by the era of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. You can buy T-shirts, books, key chains, mugs and knickknacks of urban Theka brand to preserve your special memories.